Tru Value Contracting - Tru-Value Contracting is A SCAM

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They are based out of Raleigh or Durham depending on the address you find.They showed up the first day LATE with no phone call.

I come home to find my tub on the front lawn and they are gone. Second day LATE again work is taking to long for what has to be done. Third day you guessed it late! This time they show up at 2:30 in the afternoon to install a patio, concrete needs more time than that.

But they were working on it till way past 6. They did a crappy job on my bathroom and when I called them to tell them that they needed to fix it they got mad at me because I could not be there every time they were available. I work two jobs and go to school they are the ones that had to work around my schedule.

So know I am stuck with a bathroom that is wrong, they would not return my phone calls and then they thought that they were funny by sending me a check for $35.00 that was not signed.They are the biggest rip off artists that I have ever seen, DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL and if you do you will be sorry!

Review about: Bathroom Remodel.



I find this hard to believe especially since all the reviews I came across were pretty darn positive.Still curious, I called some of their references and got nothing but positive reviews.

I called the company owner and they told me the user that complained forgot to mention she didn't have the full deposit on day 1 or day 2 and the company started the work on faith she would have it soon. The company also acknowledged a lot did not go as plan because they were given very limited windows to complete the job. According to Tru-Value, they gave her a huge discount and recommended she use the money saved to have someone finish it because they had already came out more than 8 times to work not longer than 2 or 3 hours each time (said the homeowner had places to go each time).

Well, I used them to build a deck and install a door, VERY reasonably priced and professional.Guess you can't satisfied everyone.

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